TOM, 19

For most of my life I have had poor vision, it was something I accepted and lived with. However, as I became older I began to look at eye surgery as a long term investment in my life and health. I booked in at Canberra Eye Laser and right from the get-go the staff took excellent care of me and assessed me as eligible. I saved hard and booked in for PRK laser surgery, as it suited my goals of joining the Air Force. The desk staff were always so friendly and supportive and made me feel right at home.

Dr Dunlop took care of me and now, five weeks post-op, I can finally look outside without my glasses and see everything the way it should be. It's indescribable how amazing it feels to have had this surgery, and I couldn't have done it without everyone at Canberra Eye Laser. I owe them my vision for the remainder of my life and I would recommend this to any person with glasses, young or old.